Thursday, December 5, 2013

Luke 1:37-38 “‘For nothing will be impossible with God.’  Then Mary said, ‘Here am I, the servant of the Lord; let it be with me according to your word.’  Then the angel departed from her.”

Does it take an angel of the Lord in all its glory to make me an obedient servant of the Lord?  I get so frustrated with myself sometimes.  I love the Lord, I want to be obedient and follow him in all ways and then my human selfishness creeps in.  Before I am even truly aware, I have stopped listening and followed my wishes instead of God’s commands.  As I think about God’s servants and their stories in the Bible, I am reminded that we all fall short.  We are all human and cannot live perfectly; we are not and will not be perfect in this lifetime.  These verses renew my spirit and call me to strive forward because I believe them to be true.  I believe that nothing is impossible with God.  Amazing things happen when I walk in his path; when I am with God and not against him.  So I come to him on my knees.  I picture Mary, dirty and dusty from her work, young and naive in the world.

Bring my heart to the humble place of Mary’s.  Fill it with trust and wonder.  I come filled with humility and your grace to offer myself again.  I am your servant, dusty and dirty from my work, truly naive in the world.  I offer myself to you; use me according your will, for nothing is impossible with you God.  You give me amazing grace and amazing love; thank you!  Amen.