Sunday, December 29, 2013

John 17:4 “I glorified you on earth by finishing the work that you gave me to do.”

Jesus spoke these words in a prayer to God just before his arrest, according to John.  He came; the Word made flesh, and glorified God with all he did while he was here.  I pause on this verse in the prayer because I wonder if I am finishing the work He gave me to do.  Scripture tells us we all have purpose in the kingdom of God and so during these last few days of the year it seems fitting to review the year and ponder whether I am finishing the work I have been given by God.  I look at the lives of some and see that they do great works.  Mother Teresa, Billy Graham and Pope Francis all come to mind when I think of people who are doing or have done great works.  I am not a person that follows the news or media much so I am sure I am missing some.  When I look back at my year, I see teaching, making music and sharing the Word of God with those around me.  I wonder about the coming year.  Is my work to remain the same or does He have something new on the horizon for me?  This year has brought us all joy and sadness, suffering and healing, growth and rest.  I pray that the coming year will allow us more of what draws us close to God.  I pray we will all be doing the work we have been given to do to the glory of God.

I hesitate to line myself up with icons of this world that serve you.  Jesus came to all of us though and so I know my work is important in your kingdom.  I pray that you continue to guide us all in our work so that it only glorifies you and furthers the work of your kingdom.  In this we will be fulfilled.  Thank you for your Word.  Amen.