Friday, November 30, 2012

Acts 3:4 “Peter looked intently at him, as did John...”

This passage starts off almost like a children’s story.  Once upon a time...  the story in this passage of Acts is one of healing and testimony.  I know when I go to church I am not expecting to be called into healing and preaching and I don’t think that was the expectation for Peter and John that day either.  They were simply going to temple to pray.  The difference is that they were going with their eyes open and their hearts listening.  When I go, I am keeping my kids close to me in the parking lot; I am making sure I locked my car.  I sit in the pew shushing the kids and looking for the next hymn we will sing.  Would I even notice if a new person was there or am I so wrapped up in my routine that I do not see?  The person they brought healing to that day at temple was not new.  He was brought there to ask for alms from the people coming to pray.  Peter and John looked intently at him.  How much more would I see if I looked with intention?  How much more could I serve?

As I go through my day, help me go through it with intention.  It is easy for the routine to take over and then I go through the motions without being engaged.  Engage me in each task and each person I meet so that I am fully aware and ready to do your will at every moment.  Help me live intently following you.  Amen.