Friday, November 2, 2012

James 1:22 “But be doers of the word, and not merely hearers who deceive themselves.” 

I am currently participating in a bible study on the book of James.  Last week this was one of the verses we read.  When I read this passage again the picture that came to mind was this:  We go to church on Sunday and listen to the bible verses and the sermon.  We sing our hymns and pray the prayers printed in the bulletin and then we go home to our daily lives.  The challenge lies in the daily living.  Does the word change how we live each day or do we hear it and discard it at the doors of church on the way out?  I have spent the majority of my life doing just that.  Oh I would never have admitted to that in the past but the reality is that the word and worship barely nicked the surface of my soul.  I would give to the poor and be kind to others but did I give from the depths of my heart or simply the extra fluff I had laying around?  Do I live in authenticity or do I show a facade of light to those around me?  I want do the work of the Lord in truth and in depth; I do not want to be a mirror, only reflecting back what is outside deceiving myself as well as other people.

Call me into authenticity.  Show me the truth of my heart so I can be changed and be true to you.  I do not want to be deceived and I do not want to deceive others.  As I hear your word, move me into action because of it.  Show me what to do again.  Thank you Lord, thank you.  Amen.