Monday, November 5, 2012

Luke 17:33 “Those who try to make their life secure will lose it, but those who lose their life will keep it.”

It all comes down to perspective.  Do you look at the world from the outside in or from the inside out?  We are creatures of security.  We like to make sure we have what we need and desire and only then do we turn to think about others.  The problem is we do not know what we truly need and our desires are misaligned.  We get wrapped up in our own lives and lose sight of the bigger picture.  The squirrel is busy gathering nuts for himself and has no gumption to share with a squirrel that has less, but we are not squirrels.  This passage in Luke is powerful and I would encourage you to read verses 20-37.  There is so much to meditate on ...  As you go through today look to give rather than gather.  Find ways to share rather than hoard.  As you hear the voice of generosity calling, don’t look back at your storehouses first.  Trust in the Lord to continue to provide for you as He always has.  Release control and security for these things are truly in the hands of our God.  When we do that, we have gained true life, life with God.

I pray that these words jump from my computer screen right into the depths of my soul.  Help the peace and trust in you remind me that I am not in control and that you, the all-knowing God of the Universe are the one holding all the cards.  Keep my eyes focused on you so I can see the needs in this world and be the help you would have me be.  Amen.