Friday, November 9, 2012

I started my morning meditation in Exodus thinking about having no other gods before the one true God.  The first commandment reminds us that God rescued us from slavery, pulls us out of oppression and in gratitude we are called to worship and follow Him. As I was pondering that, this passage came clearly to my heart.
The bible tells us too, that God is Love.  There is nothing that makes me feel closer to God and His love than when I am worshiping Him and intentionally spending time with Him.  When I step into the daily tasks of my life, how do I keep that love flowing?
Yesterday my daughter and I helped move some food into a room for organizing our food bank at church.  I told her what that food was for to help her realize there are people who struggle in our midst.  If I can teach my children and myself to take care of our brothers and sisters in this world, then I know the love of God will flow among us.
It is in how we love each other that we show our love of God.

Help me reach out to my brothers and sisters in Love.  I do not want to judge them because they are different; I want to embrace them because you created us all.  Remove the barriers I put up and replace them with divine love.  Let your love flow from me to the world around me.  Amen.