Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Psalm 25:1 “To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul.”

As we quickly move into the holiday season people are feeling a wide range of emotions.  Joyful and loved, happy and excited, sad and lonely, broken and discouraged, stressed and hurt, peaceful and calm; all these feelings fill our hearts and the hearts of people all around us.  This morning I pray for each of you that you would lift up your soul to the Lord.  If you are joyful and happy, lift your soul to Him.  If you are sad or lonely lift your soul to Him.  In your stress and hurt lift your soul to the Lord.  In your peace and calm, lift your soul to our Lord.  Whatever you are feeling, whatever your circumstances, where ever you are, lift your soul to the Lord.  He will meet you in any place and any time.  As I sit here writing with the “thousand” items I need to get done running in the background of my mind, I keep repeating this verse to my heart.  This season of decorating and baking, teaching and ringing bells,all this and more brings a busy time that threatens to overwhelm me.  I will make this verse my mantra for this season, and maybe beyond that.  He will give me whatever I need whenever I lift my soul to Him.  Just knowing and believing in that brings much relief to me.

I lift my soul to you and ask that you would give me strength so that I continue to lift my soul to you.  You meet me wherever I am and you know what I need most.  Be with those who are struggling so much right now and help them lift their souls to you to receive your blessings too.  Amen.