Monday, January 20, 2014

Psalm 150:1 “Praise the Lord!  Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty firmament.”

I love the word firmament.
It brings to mind, first, an umbrella of sorts.  The vast expanse of the sky overhead and all that is contained in it is the firmament.  It is easy for me to gaze into the sky and praise the Lord!  The stars and moon, the planets and galaxies beyond bring the awesomeness of God’s power to me.
God’s sanctuary is, in my mind, nature.  The trees and woods, the streams and lakes, the deserts and oceans are his sanctuary.  How close I feel to God when I am in nature.  I listen to the sound of water flowing gently or swiftly and it is soothing.  The sound of the wind rustling leaves or needles of trees is like a song.  I could go on and on about the overwhelming blessings I feel in nature but I won’t today.
We are set for a beautiful day outside in Colorado today just as we had yesterday.  I am chopping at the bit, if you will, to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and warmth.  I hope, wherever you are, you are able to get out into nature today.  If not, go there in spirit and join me in praising our God there.
God is great and we join the chorus of nature in singing his praises today!

Let us see your beauty and power in the sanctuary of nature.  Open our eyes to see your infinite love in the endless firmament of the sky.  Wherever we are, give us vision to see your grandeur.  Whatever we do, lift our hearts and voices in praise to you Holy God!  Amen.