Wednesday, January 15, 2014

James 4:10 “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.”

When I come before the Lord in my quiet time I can picture myself kneeling in front of His throne and bowing in humility.  As I move through confessions and into praise I feel myself being lifted by His holy hand and this verse becomes reality.
The question echoing in my soul today is this:  when are we before the Lord?
I believe the Lord, our God, is everywhere at all times.  He is never away from me or you; ever present.
Do I walk each step of my day as though I were in the presence of the One true God?  Do I remain humble and attentive to Him regardless what I am doing?  I wish I could say I do.  Being the human that I am, often times I focus on my needs and desires.  I quickly get caught up in my selfish ways and forget or neglect the wishes and desires the Lord has for me.  I get distracted with my own heartaches or struggles and slide into a view that is not filled with God.
I come before the Lord today, humble and contrite.  He knows my heart and the deepest desire I have to walk in His ways.  He knows my every thought and wish and He continues to lift me up.  As I grow closer to Him I see that He lifts me up in love and He lifts me up to continue in service to Him.  As He exalts me, I exalt Him.

Help my heart continue to grow in knowledge and truth so that someday, with your help, I will remain humble before you.  Remind me often that you are there, with me, guiding me and calling me back to your ways every moment I am pulled away.  Thank you for your faithfulness, thank you for your everlasting love and grace.  I lift my eyes to you in humility and I take your hand to serve in your kingdom this day. Amen.