Saturday, February 7, 2015

A vessel; a clay pot formed by the hands of the master potter; living stone being built into a holy temple; these are the images and scriptures I have received in the last few days.
Then this morning after I read this passage in 1 Peter, I opened up my devotional and the scripture was from 1 Corinthians 13 – “Love is patient, Love it kind...”  What else should a vessel of the Lord or a temple for the Lord be filled with if not Love?
I have been in a waiting time. I am waiting on the Lord and waiting in the Lord to be shown what my next steps of action are.  The thing is I have been shown but, as usual, I question it and wait some more.  I ask how I can bring my gifts of teaching and healing to the world around me and the answer comes back “start with your family” every time.
I step into this day ready to work on my physical well-being and my spiritual well-being.  I seek to see my family and friends through the eyes of Love.  I lift my heart and hands in thanks to the Lord for his faithfulness in guiding me and his unending patience when I drag my feet.  I dedicate this day to Him and trust that He will make himself known to me and through me as he sees fit.


Please forgive my hesitant heart and please forgive my pride and selfishness.  These things get in the way of your work every time.  Heal the wounds the world inflicts on me and please heal the wounds I have inflicted on others.  Continue to build me, shape me, and guide me into the vessel you want me to be.  Use me as you will, not as I will and always to the glory of your Kingdom.  I pray all these things in Christ Jesus, my Lord and Savior.  Amen.