Monday, October 27, 2014

Many people ask how I can get up every morning and do a quiet time.  They tell me they could never do that.
I remember when I began my quiet times my kids still took naps so I could do it in the afternoon – that was great.  Once naps stopped happening I had to find a time when I could fit my quiet time in and it fit the easiest in the early morning.  I could never have done this on my own; it is through the strength and encouragement of the Lord that I continue this discipline.
Several months ago I began receiving nudges to start jogging.  I never liked running and so I ignored the first several nudges.  The Lord is persistent though so nudges continued and opportunities opened up; the path simply unfolded before me and the nudges continued.  When I started I knew I would never succeed.  I told my friends and the Lord that I could not do this.  I have received guidance and encouragement on every level and slowly but surely I have pressed on. There are still days when I have to talk myself through it; remembering this is a practice in discipline if nothing else.
I cannot help but to see the parallels in the physical training and the spiritual training I have been doing.  They each take a call.  Each one takes a response and they also require perseverance and drive.  I tell you all, these things do not come from me.  They come from the Lord. As I prepare to jog my first 5K in a couple of weeks I give thanks and praise to the Lord and I continue on in my training. 


You inspire me, you strengthen me, and you encourage me.  Thank you for pushing me beyond what I thought I could do in so many ways.  You gave all for me; I give all I can back to you.  May my life glorify your holy name.  Amen.