Thursday, October 23, 2014

At face value these words seem odd.  Why would we boast in our weaknesses?
Maybe it is just me (I don’t think so) but I am always striving to do better, to be better.  My goal is always to live as Christ lived.  I am humbly reminded that I am not, nor can I ever be, perfect.  God did not create humans to be perfect; he created us with free will.  Even in Genesis he acknowledges the imperfection in
As I prayed over this verse it became clear to me once more that because of my weaknesses I need God.  Because of my weakness and sin, I make regular communion time with the Divine.  I am brought to my knees in his presence to receive forgiveness and grace.
He tells us that his grace is sufficient for us.  I am able to see his strength and power because I am weak and powerless without him.  I can boast because it is only through his grace that I am made strong.  I will stumble and fall.
The blessing is that he is ready to pour his amazing grace on me whenever I come for forgiveness.  I am weak but he is strong.  Yes, Jesus loves me!


Thank you for your love and grace.  I will never be strong without your strength in me.  Without you I cannot truly live.  Help me embrace my weakness so that I can fully embrace your strength and power.  Amen.