Wednesday, December 3, 2014

We are getting our Christmas decorations out, slowly but surely.  The tree is up but we haven’t even strung the lights yet.  I have not set the Nativity up yet but our visiting elf has arrived, much to the kids delight.
I have been wondering about different practices and beliefs we hold.  Where do they come from and what do they really mean to me and my family?  When I get the decorating all done, does it point to different beliefs, do some clash with others or do they really come together in a picture of harmony?  Do my snowmen and reindeer draw away from the Christ child in the manger?  Does the lighted tree with all of its sparkly ornaments turn our attention away from God or remind us of God and his precious gift of love?
Even as I ponder these external things I am aware that I need to search my heart more.  Do I have discord and strife wrestling in my heart or is my heart covered with God love, bound together with him in perfect harmony?
My handbells concerts begin today and continue through the next couple of weeks.  I pray the chords and music will serve to remind me of this verse and of this call.  Let the music of the bells, and the music of my soul be clothed in love, binding us all together in God’s perfect harmony.


You know the strife and struggles in this world and the hearts of each of us.  I ask you to cover us in your love today.  Fill us and restore us in you.  Bind us together in love during this season of celebrating your love for us.  I pray for peace and harmony on this day.  Amen.