Thursday, June 27, 2013

Psalm 55:16 “But I call upon God, and the Lord will save me.” 

When I look at the little kids in my neighborhood and the little ones who are coming to Vacation Bible School, I wonder where their paths will lead them.  What will they learn and keep deep in their hearts as they grow into adults?  I read a story once of a person who attended church as a very small child but then denounced the teachings of the bible as a farce.  He lived his life mocking Christians and their silly beliefs for years.  When it came time for his death, fear and darkness overtook him and in a desperate plea he sang the song we learn as children: “Jesus loves me”.  The story tells me that he received an overwhelming peace and light consumed the darkness that was lurking around him.  He was filled with love and did not die.  In his redeemed life on earth, he wrote his story and is now a pastor of a Christian church somewhere in the United States.  When the voices of darkness lurk in my heart and I feel them trying to drag me down, I remember this story.  There is always hope.  When we call upon God in truth and honesty, the Lord will save us.

Thank you for the stories of redemption that lift my heart and give me a new song to sing in praise to you.  As I teach these children more about you, open my heart to learn about you from them as well.  Thank you for saving us all.  Amen.