Thursday, June 20, 2013

Proverbs 27:19 “Just as water reflects the face, so one human heart reflects another.”  

We have all seen pictures of still waters reflecting some beautiful scene so clearly it is a mirrored image.  The water can only reflect whatever it “sees’ directly above it.  This verse caused me to think more about what my heart sees and reflects.  When I am around a negative person or someone who is having a hard day it can easily drag me down to that same level.  I see it in my kids and in other people too.  We are drawn into whatever they are feeling.  If someone is celebrating and filled with joy, that can pick me up and bring me into that feeling too.  We are all connected and if our hearts “look” at each other we will reflect each other’s hearts.  Deeper still, if my heart is looking at God’s heart, will it reflect that?  I believe it will.  We are made to reflect him.  When we do not focus on him, we reflect what we are focused on.  If we remain focused on him, we will reflect him in our own hearts.  As I am my team prepare to lead Vacation Bible School, I am on the edge of anxiety.  I want it to go well; I want it to be a great success.  If I can remain focused on the true purpose and the true goal it will go well.  I pray for each of us today; I pray we will remain focused on the Lord so that we can be a true reflection of him in this world.

Forgive my anxiety; I know you have it all under control.  Guide me and my team, guide all who are preparing to teach others in your word.  Help us stay focused on you, so we can be a true reflection of you to others.  Amen.