Friday, June 21, 2013

John 1:5 “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.”

It is moth season in Colorado.  About this time every year, we have a few weeks filled with birds diving through traffic intersections catching a bounty of moth snacks and young children squealing in fear at the sight of a moth.  We have one in our house now; we have not been able to catch it.  They seem to hide during the day and only come out when the lights are on.  It is strange to me that they don't come out during the day since they are drawn to the lights when it is dark outside.  If they like light and warmth I would think they would be out when the real light and warmth from the sun is out.  I guess they do not recognize or appreciate the true light from the sun.  As the sun rises this morning there are many reminders that I can use during the day to remind me of God’s true light dispelling darkness.  The sun chases away the darkness of the night.  During the evening we flip a switch and a light comes on in our home so we can see, the light dispels the darkness.  The stars and the moon dispel darkness in the night sky.  If we look around, we will see light shining and clearing away darkness all around us.  Take a moment to praise the Lord for his light because the darkness will not overcome it!

Thank you for your light!  Thank you for shining it eternally so we can see it and come to it.  Help us receive and share your light around the world in whatever way you call us to.  Amen.