Thursday, July 9, 2015

As I was visualizing the grace of God overflowing on me I thought of fountains that people have on their desks or end
A pump recycles water from the pool at the bottom, back up, and the water runs down over the little rocks and sculptures to the pool and then back up again.  Next I picture a river.
The water is crystal clear and the river rocks that sit in the bed are washed gently over and over with a never ending massage from the running water.
This seems like the grace of our Lord to me. We are rough and ragged when we come to Jesus.  His grace “flows” over us, never ending.  It smooths out the rough edges and the ragged broken parts until we are smooth and soft.  When we have been infused with God’s grace, his love fills; faith is strengthened.
Let the grace of our Lord pour out over you in abundance today. Take a moment and allow the gentle massage of his love and grace to renew and soothe you.  Let it soften the rough edges and then, in faith, go out and allow his grace and love to flow from you to those around you.


Without water we would die and without your grace we would die. The sacrifice of Jesus was the greatest act of love.  Let the sounds of water remind me that your grace is here.  Let this world receive your grace in abundance today and then let us praise you eternally!  Amen.