Sunday, March 8, 2015

God is a God of miracles.
Throughout history he has provided and rescued.  He has brought wrath, instructed and guided, and so many times by the use of miracles.
We cannot explain or understand how water could come from a rock or how water can create a wall in a river bed.  We cannot explain how a baby can be born of a virgin or how death on a cross can bring forgiveness for all.
There are also daily miracles: the growth of a child, our body healing from sickness, a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.  These are harder to notice for sure, yet, no less a miracle.  We are tarnished, battered, and sometimes broken but we can hold hope in our hearts in spite of that with messages like this one.
They did not thirst... water gushed out.
What miracle will you witness today?


Thank you for your abundant love and thank you for all of the miracles you create to speak to us and to give your love and life to us.  Open our eyes this day to see the miracles we would have missed.  Help us to drink your gushing water so we may no longer be thirsty.  All glory and honor are yours, forever.  Amen.