Saturday, March 28, 2015

He knew.  He went in knowing what was coming.
I have a friend who is a non-believer.  I remember a few years ago when we were talking about my faith he expressed how brutal Christianity is.  We hung our Lord on a cross and crucified him.  He claims he wants no part of that brutality.  I can understand that feeling, really and truly I can.
This morning as I meditated on the coming week I thought about my kids.  Would I sacrifice my life for my kids?  Of course I would!  Would I want to die, would I be wishing for another way, you bet I would.  If it came right down to it, would I be willing to die so my children could live?  Yes.
This is only a glimpse of what God’s love is for us.  Jesus was God incarnate.  He came to teach us, just as human parents teach their children.  He loved us and taught us and knew there needed to be more given so that we, his children, might live.  He willingly went forth into the clutches of the enemy, knowing he would be killed.  He did it for us, his kids.
As we move into this holy week of remembrance, I hope the Lord reminds us of our love for each other and uses that as a tool to open our eyes in newer and deeper ways to his love for us.

Help me be compassionate to those who do not see or know your love.  Remove my impatience with them and guide me to show them your love in ways that serve you. Help me see them as your children, and my sisters and brothers.  Change their hearts Lord; change my heart too.  I ask these things for your glory and in your honor.  I thank you for your sacrifice of life so that we can live.  I praise you that we can claim victory and live in celebration each day because of you.  All praise, glory, and honor are yours now and forever.  Amen