Monday, December 22, 2014

The clouds are glowing pink and orange, reflecting the morning light of the sun. This is one of the things I treasure in my early morning quiet times.
Clouds – they are nothing but tiny droplets of water that gather together in a group of misty fluff. If there were only one drop reflecting the sun's light I would never see it, but when so many pull together it is a glorious sight to behold.
Do I reflect God's light in my daily life? Do I let His light and Love shine through me, like a droplet of water?
Do we, as Christians, join together in a chorus, a group, a cloud, as witnesses shouting our praises and reflecting the Love of God in the world?
We are on this earth for a just a moment in the span of all time; like the clouds, we are wisps that are quickly gone but during our time here, let's pull together. Let's gather as one and reflect His love in truly glorious and beautiful ways.
Join the angels saying Glory to God in the highest heaven and peace on earth!


Thank you for sunrises. Thank you for clouds and gentle rains. Let these simple things of nature remind me of the lesson you gave me this morning. As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, open our hearts to received and reflect your love in more glorious ways than we can imagine.  Open our ears to hear the angel voices so we can join in on their praises. I pray in Jesus holy name. Amen.