Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I have come to realize I have weights that I was unaware of.  I have things that hold me back or hold me down; things that draw me away from my focus on the Lord.
A few weeks ago I washed my cell phone and it could not be revived.  I don’t have a fancy expensive phone so that is not the hard part.  The hard part is that now I don’t have instant contact with the world.  I have done battle with myself over the last several days.  I want one thing but do I need it?  I awoke two nights ago realizing my focus and wants had been pulling me away from the Lord and into the world.  My wants are a weight; they are the sin that clings so closely.
I will get a new cell phone soon but until I do, I will seek to find balance between the instant connection it provides to the world around me and the true connection I need to the Lord.  I seek to release the weights and sins that pull me down and away from the Lord.  It is with this renewed focus that I am able to run with perseverance.  I listen for the voices of the witnesses cheering me on and with that encouragement, I continue on.


I am sorry that something so trivial drew me away from my heart’s deepest desire, pleasing you.  Help me keep things in perspective.  Let the things I hold in my hand be tools for your kingdom, not tools of distraction and darkness.  Guide me in the steps I take today and every day so that I stay true to the path and the race you have set before me.  Open my ears to hear encouraging words strengthening me along the way.  I run this race for you and your glory.  Amen.