Thursday, January 10, 2013

Job 13:5 “If you would only keep silent, that would be your wisdom!”

We live in a world of noise.  Often times there is a television on in the background of homes, a radio or music on in the cars and talking, playing or banter of some sort going on all day long.  Even when it is quiet, there is the hum of a computer, the ticking of the clock or the barking of a dog.  Silence is a discipline I thought I could handle pretty well.  I am, by nature, a quiet person.  It is harder than I thought.  I am certainly fine with no TV and no radio.  I enjoy the time when everyone is sleeping and the house is quiet.  Getting my mind and heart to be silent in the presence of God is another matter entirely.  As I sat this morning trying to be silent, little thoughts and prayers would slip out.  My mind would wander off on a tangent or something would come to mind that I needed to do or pray about.  Maybe God brought those prayers to my heart.  As they came I quickly lifted them to the Lord and tried to silence myself again.  I like the idea of sitting, silently, in the presence of the Lord.  I want to just be with Him.  He knows my every thought so no words are necessary.  It may be true that silence is golden.

Thank you for the gift of quietness.  In this busy, chaotic, always on the go world, it is a blessing to sit in silence with You.  Your presence is renewing and healing, soothing and refreshing.  Help us all take time to receive this blessing of silence with you.  Help us listen, only listen.  Amen.