Friday, May 6, 2016

What is an abundant life?  I recently came back from a retreat where we talked about abundance.  Some of the words that people used to describe abundance were: overflowing, excess, more than.  The leader encouraged us to think about life overflowing, a life of more than what we expect.
Does this mean we should have more money in the bank, more food in the pantry and a bigger house?  Is this abundant life?
God promises to give us what we need, for we are more valuable to him than the lilies in the field and the birds of the air.  I know God wants more for us that survival and sustenance.
I believe the abundance Jesus was talking about in this passage was abundant life in the Spirit.  Many times through scripture Spirit equals life and flesh equals death.  This morning I am meditating on Spiritual abundance; love, joy, peace, faith, gentleness, kindness, generosity, patience, self-control.
It is time to release the desire for earthly treasures again and step into a desire for a truly abundant life.  This is what God desires and this is what my heart and soul are longing for.


Thank you so much for the beautiful people you place in our lives for times such as this.  You know our hearts, our worries, and our desires. Align our souls with you so that we may step ever more into the abundant life you have for us, the life you call us to.  All glory and honor to you today and all days.  Amen.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ezekiel 36:35"And they will say, 'This land that was desolate has become like the garden of Eden; and the waste and desolate and ruined towns are now inhabited and fortified.'"

The snow was falling so gently and quietly this morning during my morning walk.  As I basked in the quiet time I thought about how snow is like grace.

The snow gently covers the ground, turning what is dead and brown into a gleaming white wonderland.  When the snow begins to melt, it bring much needed moisture to the earth beneath it and because of this, life will spring forth from the grass and trees that have received it.  That beauty, that life in nature blesses us all.  If the ground is saturated and cannot take anymore, the water spills off and is received somewhere else.  If the snow falls on concrete or pavement, something that is too hard and will not receive the moisture from it, the water drains off or evaporates to be sent again at another time or to another place.

Grace gently settles on us, laying a blanket of love over our sins.  It makes our souls pure and gleaming white again when we accept it.  As we accept His grace, we are nourished and renewed, new life springs forth in us and we are able to spread the blessings of grace to all those around us.  If we reject the grace so freely given, it does not stop grace from coming.  It will come again and again, in a new time and new place.  I pray that our souls are ready now and will be ready every moment.

What a beautiful walk, thank you for sharing this picture of grace with me.  You bless me and my life in so many ways, I cannot begin to count or list them.  I pray that the snow will always remind me of grace and renewal.  As we prepare for the journey through Holy Week, soften our hearts to receive what you have for each of us, I pray.  Amen.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Luke 8:17

I sit, looking out my window, at a heavy blanket of snow. The grass and bushes are covered. My footprints from last night's walk are nowhere to be seen.
As I ponder this verse, the metaphor is not lost on me. How often do I try to cover up my mistakes, my earthly, fleshly desires? I think I do a good job hiding them, keeping them under wraps. For a while I do. Invariably those things I have tried to hide from myself and others are revealed. The longer I deny them, the deeper they embed themselves into the depths of my being.
I am thankful to know that nothing is truly hidden from God. I can deceive myself but in His tender mercy, He brings them to light again so that I have the opportunity to be truly healed. As we step closer to the season of Lent, I cannot help but wonder what incredible things the Lord has in store for me. I cannot help but wonder what things He is calling, in His tender mercy, for you to be healed from as well. I believe we all need healing of some sort.
It is not Lent on the church's liturgical calendar yet, but I feel I am being led into a time of reflection, confession, and healing now. God didn't make our calendar, all things are done in His time.  The blanket of snow will melt in my yard.  The grass and bushes will be revealed and so will all things I have hidden.  It is His will and I am ready.
All glory, laud, and honor to my Redeemer and King!

Monday, February 1, 2016

I sit, this morning, in darkness. I am waiting for the light to come.

When I read this passage I cannot seem to get beyond the words about light. In verse 105 of this same chapter it says, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” There are verses about light throughout scripture and we need light.
Very soon, Christians will begin the season of Lent. This is a time of reflection and humility before the Lord. I have been in a season of reflection for a few weeks now. Not only do I wait for the sun to rise outside my front window, I wait for the Light to come fill my heart to overflowing once more.
I go through times of revisiting my past and, unfortunately for me, this seems to dredge up old wounds, deep hurts, and left over anger that has never really gone away. Is this why I am sitting in darkness? Perhaps. I have been here many times in the past and I suspect this will not be the last time in my life on earth that I will be here. I know the Light will come. The Light has come and will come again.
Whatever your battles, whatever your struggles, seek the light. Wait for the Light. Search the words of the Lord, you will find light; you will find understanding.
I wait for the light and I know, I have seen it before; the light is glorious and breathtaking when it breaks through the darkness.
Keep watch and enjoy the sunrise and the Sonrise!

Hallelujah and Amen.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Recently, I was camping with my Dad and my kids.
One night I was heading over to the camp restroom under the full moon and enjoying the brightness of the night.  I didn’t need my flashlight at all; the moon gave more than enough light for me to see where I was going.  I am used to using night vision from our star gazing adventures when we are only using red light after dark so we can view stars more easily.  I have learned that I can see well enough to walk in the dark even under a new moon.
As I walked to the restroom and back I noticed several people around their campsites with fires blazing and flashlights on.  They felt like they needed more light.
How often do we fill our spiritual need for God’s light with false light?  How often do we assume we cannot see when we simply have not taken the time to seek His light?  Rather than wander around blinded by the darkness or filling the darkness with false light, let’s take a few moments and allow the true light of God to fill us and clear our vision.  Allow His Word to be the lamp to our feet and the one true light to our path.
As our soul’s eye becomes accustomed to the true brightness of God’s light we will no longer need to fill our sight with false light.  We can dance and rejoice in the true light!


Thank you for the sun, the moon, and the stars in the sky.  They all give us reminders of your true light.  You fill us with light and love and this verse reminds us that your word brightens up the path you have for us to take, making it clearer.  Help us set aside any false lights we have taken up and seek your true light; your Word.   It is only with this true light that we will find the path to you.  Amen.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

God uses music to speak to me because He knows me and He knows I hear messages conveyed through music.
As I sat enjoying the beauty of God’s creation this morning I could not help but feel praises and joy glorifying his name.  There are so many things that bring me to my knees when I look at his beautiful creations.
The peace and sweet innocence on the faces of my children when they are asleep is just one tiny gift of beauty in my world.  The softness of flower petals and the fragrance they bring to my nose send me calm, gentle caresses of love from God directly.
We have been given this day, a new day to be in the presence of God regardless of what our day holds.  He is wherever we are.  Take time today to find the beauty in your world and in yourself as well.
God created all things in wisdom, let us enjoy and rejoice in his wisdom and in his creation. 

The beauty of your creation is awe inspiring.  People try to
create music, poems, and art to convey the beauty they experience but I have found myself lacking any means of communicating the feelings you bring to my heart in your creation.  Thank you for creating me.  My heart sings praises to you this day because, in your wisdom, all things are created.  Thanksgiving and unending praise belong to you.  Amen. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Colossians 3:14-15 "Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in the one body. And be thankful."

A visualization for today's scripture:
As a child of God, I raise my arms over my head to receive the clothing of love from my Father.  He wraps it around me, binding it onto and within me so love cannot be separated from me.

I realize as I stand this way that I am now shaped like a chalice, a cup waiting to be filling with the peace of Christ so that it may rule in the very heart of my being.  I am a vessel built to contain what God puts in me.  His love and peace are to rule each moment, each day, through eternity, and I am a part of that!
Now as I am clothed and filled by God, I continue to lift my hands in thanksgiving and praise to the one true King, the Almighty, my heavenly Father.  Hallelujah!