Friday, May 15, 2015

I ask myself this morning, who is my neighbor?
I have visited this message before; it is written in many books of the bible and in the depths of my soul.  Occasionally I am nudged to reconsider who my neighbor is.
I just finished attending a spring bible study, yesterday was the last day.  A few times during the year I would pass a young mom with spiky red hair and a few piercings.  She was a reminder to me to consider who my neighbor is.  I am humbled when I think of the judgment that enters my mind.  Who am I to say what is in the heart of another person?  Who am I to think I know what message they seek to portray in their dress, body language, speech?  I am not called to put them in a box or label them in any way.  I am called to love them.
What about the people who seem like me?  I cannot know their heart of hearts either; I am only called to love them.  What about my family and dear friends; are they easier to love or easier to overlook completely?
As I move into this day, I lift a prayer that I would not only be able to love the purple-haired, tattooed, body pierced person as God loves me but that I would also love my own children with the heart of Christ.  I pray I would love my spouse with Christ’s love.  I pray the love of God will permeate all of our souls this day.


You call us to love; why is that so hard for us?  This morning I ask you to open my eyes and open my heart to see clearly and love more deeply.  You know the hearts of all; give me a spirit of love for all.  I want to be a light in the darkness, a warmth in the cold, love in the midst of hate.  Use me to bring your love to those hurting souls in this world.  Amen.