Sunday, August 11, 2013

Psalm 6:9 “The Lord has heard my supplication; the Lord accepts my prayer.”

Prayer is a blessing; it can also be a struggle.  I have a prayer journal that I write requests down in so I can pray for those people or circumstances on a regular basis.  I write them down so I remember them and so I can watch for the answer to prayers.  Before I was keeping my journal it was hard for me to see results of any kind in my prayer life.  I would pray for people and circumstances but then I would forget about them when the trouble ceased coming to my mind.  Through my journal I see sickness or trouble being transformed to healing and peace.  I see brokenness brought to wholeness.  There are some requests that I have not seen the answer I hope for yet.  There are some I may never see the answer because I cannot see a person’s heart.  The response God gives to prayer does not always happen in a snap of a finger or the length of time we seek.  It does not always happen in the way we think it would.  I know when we lift prayers of supplication to the Lord He hears and accepts our prayer.  Then we need to trust that He will do what is right and true.  That is the struggle.

You are sovereign, Ruler and Master of all.  Encourage us in our prayer times and help us see the answers you give clearly so we are encouraged even more.  Help our lack of faith, help us release our desires and turn our requests completely over to you.  Only you know what is right and true.  Amen.